About Us

Effective in raising finance | Experts in consolidating fragmented markets | Successful in driving growth

PRS Group is an independent residential real estate investment organisation specialising in consolidating the fragmented UK Private Rented Sector

Our goal is to quickly become the UK’s most dominant company in the PRS sector, through acquisitions of existing landlords properties and portfolios to get to 5000 rental units asap.

PRS Group brings together property ownership, management, re-development, construction and maintenance under one group of businesses. PRS Group are an ambitious and experienced team focused on driving value through rapid growth and sector consolidation via a fast-paced and targeted acquisition model. PRS Group are leaders in the UK Private Rented Sector and are driving better practices and governance throughout the market.

PRS Group have a strong track record of investing and building businesses in sectors of the market experiencing rapid growth and we are currently focused on the acquisition and consolidation of good quality property management companies. We are one of the top residential property asset management businesses in the UK.

Our model will see the existing staff and management retained with central support to help grow the business.


Having completed many acquisitions, PRS Group are experience and effective in our approach. We have significant financial resources and the knowledge and passion to deploy these to further our growth.
PRS Group offers the opportunity to owners of good quality businesses to discuss the potential acqusition of their business by PRS Group. The benefit of selling to us is that you would be selling to a management Team that understands the industry and is in the property sector for the long-term. We focus on caring for both your clients and staff during the transfer and beyond, your business will also retain it’s own identity and branding, with the added kudos of being a PRS Group business.


PRS Group are well financed and passionately driven to make things happen quickly. Having completed many acquisitions, our process has been streamlined to ensure completion as quickly as possible.

Our standard acquisition process would include the completion of an information request, issue of an indicative acquisition offer, financial and legal due diligence, issue of a final offer and completion of legal documents and transfer of the business.


PRS Group understands how invested, both financially and emotionally, in the business owners are, this is why we ensure owners, employees and tenants are taken care of during our acquisition.

Your tenants will benefit from renting from a business committed to staff development, high quality properties and sensible rental rates.

Your employees will benefit from working with a fast growing and innovative business, job security and investment in training.

You and your shareholders will benefit from competitive sales offer and post-transaction investment opportunities