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PRS Directors to cycle from Vietnam to Cambodia to raise funds for new charity partners


Property entrepreneurs offer flats to homeless as part of support to Sleep in the Park

Two property entrepreneurs have offered to donate some of their flats to the homeless, in a unique collaboration with the charity Social Bite. Dundee-based Graeme and Leanne Carling are offering units from their extensive property stock in Tayside free of charge, as part of their involvement with Saturday’s Sleep in the Park event. The couple, […]


PRS Group ending the year on ‘property high’, 2019 set to be even better

The PRS Group, which is emerging as a major player in the UK’s property market, is ending its first year of business on a high as the sector continues to show promise. PRS, owned by Graeme and Leanne Carling, have spent the last several months in talks with landlords across the U.K. as they grow […]


PRS Group announces new board

PRS Group, the new force in the residential rented property sector, has recruited a number of industry experts to its new board as it seeks to consolidate and strengthen its operations in the private rented sector in the UK. The Dundee based group, which is owned by Graeme and Leanne Carling, has ambitions to increase […]


PRS Group considers £200m worth of new business as expansion plans get underway

PRS Group, a new force in the property sector, is considering £200m worth of new business opportunities after announcing its plans for rapid expansion. Dundee based PRS, owned by Graeme and Leanne Carling, has been offered a plethora of property portfolios for sale all over the U.K. PRS wants to expand its private rental properties […]


As buy-to-let property sector slumps, Scotland’s largest private landlord says private rental sector in need of massive shake-up

Scotland’s private rental sector is in need of a massive shake-up, according to Scotland’s largest independent residential landlord. As more and more buy-to-let investors bail on one of the surest financial bets in our lifetime, serial entrepreneur Graeme Carling says he is “not surprised” given the “minefield” that is being a landlord in Scotland. Commenting […]


Scotland’s largest independent landlords plan rapid expansion

Scotland’s largest independent residential landlords intend to add thousands of properties to their property portfolio. Graeme and Leanne Carling, co-founders of Carling Property Group and owners of the newly formed PRS Group, want to expand rapidly by owning 5,000 rental properties “as quickly as possible”. They currently rent more than 300 properties through PRS, which […]


Why ‘rent’ shouldn’t be a four-letter word

A recent report claiming millennials are facing a lifetime of renting should have been welcome news for property developer and private landlord Graeme Carling. But he has concerns. Being a business investor, property developer and private landlord, I should have welcomed the recent report that millennials will rent property all their lives. According to the […]


Scotland’s largest independent private landlord speaks out on ‘cradle-to-grave’ renting

Scotland’s largest independent residential landlord has spoken out on one of the property sector’s hottest topics – so-called ‘cradle-to-grave’ renting. In an article in today’s Herald newspaper, Graeme Carling, slams the negative way in which renting is perceived by members of the public and the media. “In everything from casual conversation to newspaper reports, when […]


It’s time for lateral thinking on Scotland’s housing crisis

All eyes will be on Scotland, and Edinburgh, next week when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle come to visit. Like others, I was heartened to hear they’d be keeping social consciousness in the headlines by paying a visit to the New Town cafe of Social Bite, the homelessness charity. But then I got to daydreaming. […]


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